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We are currently looking for an American Business Development Manager

LongPack Games is one of the largest board game manufacturers in China. We have many years of experience in board game manufacturing. We have produced many award-winning board games such as My City, The Adventures of Robin Hood, and Kingdomino. We have manufactured over 1,800 unique projects of game solutions for board game publishers as […]

Pax Unplugged

Mark your Calendars, We’re heading to Philly! For three years in the pandemic, our HQ team has missed so many opportunities to attend conventions, meet with friends, and express our gratitude for all the support in making our company possible. We’re feeling very honored that our hard work and dedication have finally paid off, especially […]

Fright in Freight Rates: Shipping Rates Plummet by 60%

As the global economy continues to sputter, demand for goods has decreased, causing freight rates to fall in lockstep. Due to reduced global COVID-19 congestion and a slowdown in China’s exports, the shipping sector has reported a 60 percent drop in freight rates. The fall occurred between January of this year and is also anticipated […]