Components for Board Games

LongPack Games can manufacture every component that your card or board game might need, be it wooden, plastic, or metal and from miniatures, boards, and cards to dice.

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At LongPack Games, we can make a wide variety of boxes, starting with the classic telescope and tuck boxes to embossed tin boxes, boxes with magnetic lids, and deck boxes. Our experience in the traditional printing and packaging industry also allows us to work with more unconventional shapes and constructions. All of our boxes can be treated with special finishes in order to make them stand out well, such as with spot UV, linen texture, foil stamping, and embossing.

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No board game is complete without a game board (almost)! We can help you create a game board that meets your needs. We can make any number of folds and any size for the game board, with reinforced edges to prevent wear and tear. We have a variety of different paper and finishes available for the top, and can also accommodate die-cut double boards and other more special requests.

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Boards produced by LongPack Games
Wooden components produced by LongPack Games

Wooden components

Wooden components can be made in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Besides the standard meeples, cubes, discs, and triangles that we have in stock, we can also do custom shapes for wooden components. We then either paint them or use laser engraving for highly precise detailing.

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LongPack Games can help you manufacture miniatures in any size and shape you might like. We can produce the miniatures in both resin and plastic, depending on your preference. We can also help you with the modelling and creation of the 3D files needed, based on artwork or sculptures.

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Miniatures produced by LongPack Games
Plastic components produced by LongPack Games


Plastic components can add a whole new element to your game. We have produced a large quantity of different shapes and sizes of plastic components and have seen how much fun they bring to the game. We have a large quantity of stock of the regular plastic items, and we can help you create more unique, customized items.

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There is a lot that can be done with dice. They can be made from wood, resin, or acrylic. They can be customized by engraving them, by using laser cutting on them, and by printing on them. We also have a plethora of different colours and combinations available, not to mention sizes!

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Cards for board games produced by LongPack Games


Cards can be produced in a multitude of sizes and shapes. We have a wide range of card stock differing in weight and cores, and we can put different finishes on each card, including linen. We use a special treatment to make the cards more durable even after frequent usage.

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