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All the resources you need to prepare your game for printing.
LongPack Board Game Brochure

Discover LongPack's diverse manufacturing offerings in our latest Board Game Brochure.

LongPack Dice Brochure

Discover LongPack's precision-crafted dice collection about quality materials and precision craftsmanship.

LongPack Hobby Game Brochure

Learn more about boundless gaming potential with LongPack's top-tier hobby game components.

LongPack Miniature Brochure

Explore a world of intricately crafted miniatures with LongPack, where every exquisite detail brings your gaming experience to life.

LongPack Role-Playing Game Book

Embark on extraordinary journeys with LongPack's role-playing games, where boundless imagination meets captivating quests.

LongPack Kickstarter Guidebook

Dive into exploring how LongPack transforms Kickstarter dreams into beautifully crafted reality, one campaign at a time.

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Artwork guidelines

Prepare your files for printing with our artwork guidelines.

IP Protection guidelines

Guides for filing a complain in case your IP has been infricted.

Safety Testing Guide
Warranty Policy
China Domestic Delivery Notice
Adobe InDesign PDF Export Profile
Artwork Service
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