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Biome, Protect your baby animals and build the most biodiverse Biome in this highly thematic nature-themed tableau builder for 1-4 players.”

6,043 backers pledged $400,240 to help bring this Kickstarter project to life.
“LongPack Games is proud to empower this Kickstarter project.”

In this nature-themed tableau builder, you’ll combine strategic card placement with engine building to create the ultimate thriving biome!
Nurture baby animals, ensure their well-being, and achieve a diverse ecosystem. Utilize the unique abilities of your plants and creatures to craft the most spectacular biome and secure victory!
Designed with passion by Leonie Grundler, Biome offers a standard mode with options for advanced and expert players, providing a range of complexity to suit your experience level. Tailor the challenge to your adventurous spirit!
Each year in the game consists of 4 distinct seasons, each impacting gameplay in a unique way. Strategically play from a vast pool of over 120 unique plants and animals to unlock powerful synergies and dominate the competition!

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