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Horror on the Orient Express: The Board Game brings the award-winning Call of Cthulhu horror and mystery TTRPG into the board gaming world. Special rules, ongoing character development, and awesome play pieces provide a challenging and exciting gaming experience. Your journey on the Orient Express will be something to remember!” 

13,201 backers pledged $1,654,362 to help bring this Kickstarter project to life.
“LongPack Games is proud to empower this Kickstarter project.”

Aboard the Nightmare Express: A Race Against Time
Prepare to board the opulent Orient Express in the roaring 1920s, but beware, this is no ordinary journey. A horrifying twist propels you into the realm of the Dreamlands, a nightmare landscape where your sanity is as fragile as the train itself.
Monsters claw at the windows, while a murderous cult plots in the shadows. But the apex predator is a bloodthirsty vampire, an eldritch entity to whom human life is a mere amusement. Can you unravel the dark secrets that bind the Orient Express to this nightmare world?

Horror on the Orient Express is a cooperative board game for 1-4 players. You and your fellow investigators must work together to survive this doomed voyage. Develop your characters’ skills, gather vital supplies, and question the increasingly suspicious passengers. Every clue is vital, every decision carries weight. Will you learn forbidden spells to combat the encroaching darkness?
The fate of the Orient Express, and perhaps your own sanity, rests in your hands.

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